Menstrual Portal is dedicated to providing awareness and support to all females around the globe. We are here to guide, inspire, and spread awareness among females in making better health choices for themselves, putting empathy first across the portal. The team at Menstrual Portal has worked to empower the female community with simple solutions to their even simpler everyday problems regarding the monthly cycle by curating a library of comprehensive information about menstrual disorders, raising awareness about intimate hygiene, and discussing topics that are considered taboo till date, in many parts of the world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to cater to all menstruation-related issues under one banner, be it menstrual disorders, hygiene, awareness, or menstrual products. Menstrual Portal is here to improve menstrual health literacy and self-management among women and make them confident in taking any health decision for themselves. Changing the narrative to break the stigma around discussing menstruation-related problems among young females.

Editorial Process

Each article at Menstrual Portal goes through a long editorial process. Authentic, informative, comprehensive content is provided by a team of health experts. This is further passed on to the editorial team who look for grammatical errors, break it down and simplify it to be easily understandable for women from all walks of life. The article is then medically reviewed by certified physicians who are gynecologists and obstetricians in a judgment-free way, ensuring medically correct and up-to-date information before it is finally made accessible to the general public.

Our Team

The team at Menstrual Portal comprises healthcare experts who provide medically accurate content which is reviewed by a team of medical editors for any errors and omissions and is further passed onto a board of esteemed gynecologists and obstetricians who medically review the content one last time before it is made accessible to the public. The medical team at Menstrual Portal puts empathy first and foremost and believes that medical knowledge should be accessible to all. Thus, the critical topics which are still considered taboo are addressed by them in such a way that nothing remains untouched.

Online Consultation

Menstrual Portal provides free online consultations to women who need reliable, and trustworthy advice on their menstrual problems. A team of health experts is available round the clock to give free advice on any matter, through email. We ensure a safe and confidential space for women to enquire and receive personalized consultations tailored to their unique needs. We are dedicated to promoting equity and making sure that every woman has access to the resources and knowledge that they require to manage their menstrual health with confidence and comfort.

Contact Us

We love to hear from you. Our aim at Menstrual Portal is to empower women through mutual understanding, communication, and acceptance. Thus, we need support and feedback from our readers to help us improve the services we provide. 

For questions regarding the content, feedback, business queries, or reporting outdated content, feel free to contact us

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Terms of Use

The content at Menstrual Portal is authentic, reliable, trustworthy, updated, and applicable to women from all walks of life. However, the information provided is not a substitute for medical advice from your gynecologist or obstetrician.

The medical experts at Menstrual Portal are highly qualified and competent enough to answer your questions and respond to them in the best way possible. However, we would recommend getting a detailed examination done for your menstrual health concerns from your gynecologist/obstetrician and taking a second opinion before reaching a final diagnosis.

Privacy Policy

Menstrual Portal is dedicated to providing accurate information and along with that it is our top priority to protect the privacy of our readers. We don’t share your personal information with third parties unless you give explicit consent to do so.