At Menstrual Portal, our primary goal is to assist readers in making informed decisions. To achieve this, we follow a set of standards and go through a rigorous vetting process, shortlisting the best products that we consider will value our readers. We believe in full transparency about our reviews and product recommendation process.

Product Vetting Process

Our product reviews are the result of extensive research, analysis, and testing. Here’s how we vet brands and products:

  • We keep an eye on market trends, popular products, and any new releases. Our team is dedicated to knowing what’s best, what’s new, and what truly makes a product stand out.
  • We select the products on behalf of their relevance, reputation, and potential usefulness to the user. We also consider customer reviews and ratings to analyze what the market thinks of a product.
  • While selecting the products we prefer and support brands that adhere to industry best practices. We monitor each brand’s compliance with regulatory bodies like the FDA and FTC, along with their legal standing concerning employment and marketing practices.
  • We consult with experts in the relevant field for their professional opinion. Their point of view helps us understand the product’s technical aspects and evaluate its value and usability.
  • In the end, we gather our findings and compile them into comprehensive product reviews. To give you an insight into every detail you might need to know before making a purchase decision, including the pros and cons, features, performance, and comparison with other similar products so that you can make a decision according to your lifestyle and need.

Empowering Choices

At Menstrual Portal, we focus primarily on products that offer genuine value to our users. We understand that not everyone has the same needs, so we strive to provide a diverse range of products that provide for different audiences from different lifestyles. That’s why our reviews cover the product’s design, performance, durability, and practicality in everyday situations.

At Menstrual Portal we work to ensure that you are confident in making more informed health and menstrual choices for yourself and the women around you.

Affiliate Partnerships

If you purchase a product by clicking on one of the links on our webpage, we may receive a small commission, obviously, at no additional cost to you.

These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content, nor do they have any impact on our product testing process. Our reviews are always unbiased and purely based on the product’s worth.