Best Period Kits for Traveling

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Are you looking for period kits for traveling, in case of emergency situations, or for regular period days? No need to worry about it!

Mother nature’s call during a trip that you have been planning for months can complicate things, but only when you are not prepared for it. With a good period kit, you can easily survive the period days and make memories while enjoying yourself with your friends or family.

To help you out, we have reviewed our tested period kits. Some of the kits are suitable for emergencies, while others are perfect for regular period days. We have also included menstrual cups and disc kits for those who don’t like using traditional pads.

A quick look at the best period kits for traveling

Editor’s Choice

Menstrual Kit All-in-One

Menstrual All-in-One Kits

Price: 18.99$ x 3 packs


Why we choose this
A budget-friendly kit that comes with everything you might need while traveling from a carry bag to a pad, tampon, and some wipes.

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What should you consider while choosing a menstrual kit?

Although all the kits we have discussed in the article are the best, still it is important to pick a kit that suits your needs and comfort. To help you out, we listed down some essential points you should consider while choosing a menstrual kit. Have a look and pick the best kit for your need.

  • Emergency or regular period days: You need to understand whether you are getting a kit for emergency purposes or just your regular period days. An emergency kit is perfect if you are worried about spotting mid-cycle, but for regular period days, you must choose a kit that is suitable enough and caters to one complete period.
  • Menstrual cups, pads, tampons, or discs: Think about what product fulfills your need; menstrual cup, pad, tampon, or disc. For traveling choose only what you have been using all along. We won’t recommend experimenting with a different product, as it can be messier.
  • Taking care of hygiene: Menstrual hygiene has to be the most crucial part of picking a kit; if you are traveling to an area that has access to basic hygiene facilities, this won’t be a big issue. However, if you are going on a camping or hiking trip. In that case, make sure to select a kit that has sanitizer, wipes, disposal bags, and so forth.

How do we select the perfect kit for your period needs?

We sought the opinions of experts in the menstrual health field and checked the real-time customer reviews of the products thoroughly.

Our research and the valuable input of health experts help us understand the effectiveness, benefits, and drawbacks of each period kit under consideration. With all this information at hand, we carefully select the four best period kits tailored to meet the diverse needs of women who are planning trips. Read more about our product review process.

Everything on the go

Menstrual Kit All-in-One

Menstrual All-in-One Kits

Price at time of publish: 18.99$ x 3 packs

  • It is less expensive; you get three packs with a travel-friendly pouch, includes necessary things like a pad, tampon and wipes.
  • Only comes with one pad.

Here comes the first Menstrual all-in-one period kit by the pH Advantage brand. It is a fantastic option for traveling.

First of all, the price range is best. In an affordable price range, you will get three packs (kits) to use during trip or if you are outside of your home. Each kit contains one pad, one tampon, two feminine wipes, a hand sanitizing wipe and a scent trash bag.

All items come in a small, handy reusable plastic pouch, making it travel-friendly. Place the pouch in any backpack pocket, and you are good to go. The quality of the pad and tampon is outstanding; they can easily handle the heavy flow of the first day.

Two feminine wipes and a hand sanitizing wipe are also available in the kit. Thanks to both, you will be able to clean your hands and the private area. For disposal, you can utilize the scent trash bag, which is quite effective in reducing the smell of period trash.

Best kit for cup users

Pixie Menstrual Cup Kit

Pixie Menstrual Cup Kit

Price at time of publish: 39.95$

  • The kit is easy-to-use, and cups are eco-friendly and reusable for up to 10 years if sterilized properly.
  • It does not contain pads and tampons.

A lot of females don’t like using pads, some because of the effect pads have on the environment, while others don’t like the toxic chemicals. Whatever the reason is, if you also think like that, the best option for you is the Pixie Menstrual Cup Kit.

It is a little bit expensive but has everything you will need during your regular period days. The kit includes two menstrual cups, pixie cup lube, pixie cup gel wash, 20 wipes, and a sterilizing cup. All of these things come in a small travel-friendly pouch.

Each cup is suitable to wear for up to 12 hours; afterward, you can use the next cup, and then you can again go with the first cup after removing the second one. Besides cups, you also get a Pixie lube which helps insert a menstrual cup and a gel wash to clean you and the cup.

Ultimate travel kit

UrLife Period Kit

UrLife Menstrual Kit

Price at time of publish: 54.99$

  • The kit comes with 56 high-quality pads and 48 liners, wipes, disposal and a carrying bag.
  • The kit is expensive.

The UrLife period kit is basically a gift box, or we can say a sampler kit. However, it does not mean we can’t use it for traveling purposes because, as far as we have tested and checked, this kit is perfect for regular period days on a trip.

The kit includes 56 pads, 48 liners, two feminine wipes, disposal bags and a travel-friendly carrying bag. You may be thinking that’s a lot of pads for one trip, and you are right. Know that it is not necessary to take all pads along with you on a trip. The kit comes with a small carrying bag in which you can keep 7 to 10 pads, 3 to 4 liners, along with other products like wipes and disposal bags, and you can travel at ease.

Menstrual pads and wipes are from some famous brands like Always, U by Kotex, with extra absorbency features. So you don’t have to worry about whether the pads are suitable for heavy flow or not.

Eco friendly period kit

First Period Kit to-go!

First Period Kit to-go!

Price at time of publish: 14.97$

  • Easy to use, eco-friendly period kit with two cotton pads, a thin panty liner and a handy bag.
  • It is a little bit expensive.

The next menstruation kit is from the brand Be Prepared Period. The kit comes with a beautiful black and pink color zippable travel bag. You are free to pick any bag color as per your preference.

Apart from the bag, the main reason behind selecting this menstruation kit is the comfortable cotton pads. The pads are biodegradable and made of organic material, ensuring no harm to the environment as they are easy to decompose.

An organic thin panty liner is also included in the kit for spotting or light flow on the fourth to fifth day. The feminine wipe is our favorite. It is made with aloe vera and vitamin E designed specifically for sensitive skin.

After using the pads, you can use the compostable pouches to dispose of the trash. Overall, we think it is a good option at a little expensive price. However, we should not forget it is good in quality and harmless for the environment.

A comparison of best period kits

Peroid kits Best for Price Contents
Menstrual Kit All-in-One Emergency use 18.99$ x 3 packs One pad, one tampon, two feminine wipes, a hand sanitizing wipe, a scent trash bag, and a small pouch.
Pixie Menstrual Cup Kit Cup users 39.95$ Two menstrual cups, pixie cup lube, pixie cup gel wash, 20 wipes, sterilizing cup, and a carrying bag.
UrLife Period Kit Regular use 54.99$ 56 pads, 48 liners, two feminine wipes, scensibles disposal bags, and a travel-friendly carrying bag.
First Period Kit to-go! Emergency use 14.97$ Two cotton pads, a thin panty liner, feminine wipes, and a handy bag.

How to make a period kit for traveling?

You can also make your own period kit for traveling purposes. It is best to use only tried and tested products to avoid any mishaps while traveling. Ensure that you have included all the necessary products in the kit. We have discussed below what you might need to make a DIY period kit that fulfills your needs.

  • Panties (preferably leakproof)
  • Make sure to pack some extra panties for a long trip
  • Choose the product that you normally use; pads, tampons, discs, or menstrual cups
  • Carry a few panty liners
  • If you are using tampons and pads, always carry disposal bags to discard them hygienically
  • If you are using a menstrual cup or a disc, make sure to carry a gel wash
  • A sanitizer, some non-scented, alcohol-free wet wipes
  • A peri-bottle to wash your intimate area properly on a camping trip
  • Make sure to pack some painkillers, heating-pads for a pain-free vacation
  • Pack all of this in a small bag and you are good to go. 
Last medically reviewed on August 1, 2023.